Our Mission

Increase public awareness of the plight of our nation's veterans.

Assist Veterans to the best of our abilities, using the full capacity of our services.

Counsel individual veterans when appropriate and/or refer them to agencies better suited to meet their needs.

Assist veterans who are homeless or in jeopardy of becoming homeless in their time of need.

Provide patients in veterans homes with essential needs.

Provide comfort and "We Care" packages to deployed troops.




Emergency Assistance

Assistance provided may be in the form of food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies and any other reasonable request.

Assistance is payable to the ie… utility company, landlord, pharmacy etc… in the name of the requesting veteran.

Payments are not made to the individual requesting veteran.

In order to receive assistance from American Veterans Foundation™, you must meet certain criteria.

You must be a United States Armed Forces Veteran Provide a copy of your DD-214 "Service-2 or Member-4"


Do you need assistance?

Complete the Assistance Form below.

All required documents can be directly uploaded on the last page of the form.

Programs designed to help homeless veterans off the streets. These programs provide housing for individuals and families, starting at 3 months up to two years. During this time the veteran receives "full circle" counseling.

I.e. Marriage, Financial, Behavioral.

During their stay they are also completing workshops on resume building, financial planning and budgeting.

The goal is to lend a hand up, back into society. Not a hand out.

Veterans Homes

We are always looking for Veterans Homes that put the veterans care as their top priority.

Our goal is to ensure that each veteran recieves that level of care in which he or she deserves.

We accept requests for veteran homes' Morale, Welfare, and Recreation funds and other special programs.


History shows us that, after each war there are numbers of our nations veterans who have become homeless and displaced. It is difficult to fully account for the actual number of homeless veterans. Many sleep in their cars, under bridges, and in back alleys seeking shelter from the elements. We have all seen them … sitting on corners, looking for hand-outs. Some scrounge through dumpsters looking for their next meal. Veterans can become homeless due to a variety of reasons… shortage of affordable housing; access to adequate health care; shortage of jobs; drug and alcohol abuse problems; mental and physical illnesses; deficient social support; lack of family support; combat related mental and physical illness now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In the last few years, veterans returning from Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) have been seeking assistance for homelessness. Having extended deployments; repeat deployments; increased unemployment; the economic slump and lack of affordable housing all add up to increased homelessness. The Department of Veteran Affairs reports that it serves approximately 100,000 homeless veterans each year. Currently, statistics indicate that there are still over 47,000 homeless veterans. They are trying to do their part but assistance is needed. Since 1987 the Department has stressed collaboration with community service providers. Top priorities include: safe and secure housing; supportive environments free of alcohol and drugs; adequate health care (including mental health counseling); nutritional meals; and substance abuse counseling, to name a few. Veterans also need assistance in securing meaningful (not menial) jobs, job counseling; training and placement. The most effective programs for homeless veterans, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, are community based, non-profit, “veterans helping veterans” groups. They believe as we do, that these groups are most successful when they work in collaboration with government agencies; Federal, State and/or local and veteran service organizations and that “veterans who participate in these programs have a higher chance of becoming tax-paying, productive citizens again.” Soldiers returning from Iraq & Afghanistan are finding it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to get the veterans’ disability payments they are entitled to through the VA. There are approximately 98,535 backlogged disability claims and the average waiting period for processing is 125 days. Appeals for denied claims take an average of 2 years. These same soldiers are expected to make 400,000 new disability claims by year 2017. American Veterans Foundation is not affiliated with any other organization or government agency. We do not receive any funding from any State, County or Municipal government agency. We are supported solely by the community and concerned citizens such as yourself.


Founded by parents for the love of their child.

While their son was deployed in Iraq, he noted some other soldiers weren't receiving care packages from home. He noticed the only packages they were receiving were from online purchases. During the daily patrols and downtime, he would ask what they missed the most from home. What comfort foods, snacks, magazines, books, games? What started with sending tailored care packages to his fellow soldiers within his unit, has now grown into sending these same care packages to:

"We Care" Packages

-Individual Soldiers-






Are you or a loved one deployed?

Request a care package!




Who We Help




American Veterans Foundation™, is a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization dedicated in helping to prevent more homelessness among veterans and providing immediate support to veterans who are homeless, in jeopardy of becoming homeless or in desperate need of assistance.

Assistance provided may be in the form of food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies and any other reasonable request.

Assistance is payable to the ie… utility company, landlord, pharmacy etc… in the name of the requesting veteran.

Payments are not made to the individual requesting veteran.

The mission of American Veterans Foundation is to assist all honorably discharged veterans with financial support in their time of need.





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